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Bespoke Performance was born out of the knowledge, expertise and experience. Key people involved with The TVR Centre and Trimar Sportscars made this possible. We were originally based in Arkley, but are currently located in Ware, Hertfordshire. 

We are proud to be associated with a number of brands including TVR, VUHL, Noble, Farbio, Ginetta, Westfield, Mastretta and TD. We also have particular expertise with Mazda rotary engines. We provide a wide range of services including sales, service/aftersales, repair, restoration and refurbishment for all marques in London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex.


The TVR CentreFormerly John Britten Sportcars and thereafter The TVR Centre in 1983, Bespoke Performance has a long and varied history. Originally based in Arkely in Barnet, as the TVR Centre and an official TVR dealership, Bespoke supplied a large range of customers, primarily from London and the South East and some further afield. In addition, from at least 2004, around the same time that TVR was purchased from Peter Wheeler by Nikolay Smolensky, Bespoke began offering sales and servicing for Noble sports cars.

In 2006, following the collapse of new TVR manufacturing and the beginning of the credit crunch, Bespoke took on a number of new marques. Bespoke continues to offer sales and servicing for those new marques, including Westfield, TD 2000, PGO and Pettit Racing for Mazda rotary engines, even today.

Having outgrown the facilities in Barnet, in 2010, the key people involved with the TVR Centre moved to Hertford, re-branding the business as Bespoke Performance. Bespoke finally settled in Ware Hertfordshire, in July 2011. With a spacious premises, approximately 10,000 square feet in size, Bespoke are able to offer a wide variety of services for your car including, sales, servicing, restoration and storage. 

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Sales & Servicing of Classic Cars
Sales & Servicing of Classic Cars

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Sales & Servicing of Classic Cars


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