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Educating children from their first days at school to young adulthood

The Trust was established following a direct approach by the DfE and currently consists of two schools: Goffs and Goffs-Churchgate Academy. The name “Generations” was deliberately chosen for our Trust, and reflects our desire to grow into a Trust that educates and nurtures children from their first days at school to young adulthood at 18 years of age.

Our Trust encourages innovation. It is also firmly focused on maximising the monies available to our schools and staff. As such we have a highly skilled central Finance team, plus a dedicated post of Director of Income Generation. This position is directly focused on ensuring that our facilities yield substantial sums of money via lettings and partnerships. This money is directly reinvested in our schools. At the current time, the Trust has created almost half a million pounds additional funding, which is underpinning reduced contact ratios for teachers, plus generous staffing levels at both schools.

Curriculum Overview

The purpose of our curriculum at Goffs is to provide a rich range of learning opportunities and experiences, therefore enabling students:

  • To develop a powerful range of knowledge, vocabulary and skills
  • To develop as confident, responsible, and articulate learners and citizens
  • To reveal and develop their inner strengths, and to thrive at school and beyond

At Goffs, we believe in a broad and balanced approach to our curriculum, to ensure that students are engaged, make excellent progress, and are fully prepared for the next steps in their education or career. At KS3 (Year 7 and 8), students study a full programme of both academic and creative subjects, including Technology, Drama, Art and Music. Students also have dedicated Literacy lessons to ensure that they have the reading and comprehension skills needed not only for their exams but to also develop this vital skill for life after education.

At KS4 (which students start in Year 9), we offer a very broad list of 'option' subjects alongside the 'core' subjects of English, Maths, Science, PE (practical) and ICT (practical). Pathways and option choices are personalised for each student. The majority of students follow the EBacc pathway (including a modern foreign language and History/Geography, in addition to the core subjects), as we believe this provides them with the best stepping stones to progress to the route of their choice. All students are able to select at least two additional option subjects. In Year 9, students have the opportunity to select from several ‘Motiv8’ options, which allows them to explore an area of interest to them without any pressure to study for an exam or qualification; this is a hugely popular part of the curriculum and the options currently include First Aid, Dance, Sports Coaching and Chef School.

In the Sixth Form, study programmes are designed to provide students with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme that supports their development and progression in line with their future career plans. Students have a large selection of 30+ subjects to choose from. We also run the Goffs Business and Sports Academies and students have the option to take the EPQ.

All study programmes:

  • Include one or more academic, applied or vocational qualifications that stretch the student and link clearly to training, employment or higher education
  • Require students who do not have GCSE grade 4 or more in maths or English to work towards the achievement of these qualifications
  • Allow for other non-qualification activity to develop students' personal skills and prepare them for employment, training or higher/further education.

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