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Private School for Girls

Choosing the right school for your daughter is a very important. Queenswood School aim to help you through the whole process, making it as enjoyable and painless as possible. This section of our website has been carefully planned to guide you through the process and procedures of admissions from start to finish. If you are a grandparent, or are acting on behalf of the family, please adapt the information to suit your situation.

Life in the Lower School

Stamp House is a warm, welcoming and inclusive community, home to around 120 Lower School girls from Years 7 and 8. Here, boarders and day girls alike have the space and support to adjust to secondary school life in a bustling but unpressurised environment.

Life in the Middle School

Becoming part of the Middle School at Queenswood is an exciting and challenging prospect, with even greater opportunities for academic and co-curricular enrichment.   GCSE subjects are chosen in Year 9; every effort is made to keep these choices as open as possible, and girls discuss their options with the subject staff, Tutors, the Head of Year 9 and the Deputy Principal Academic. In Years 10 and 11, girls are expected to show a high level of commitment to academic work. Although we provide a well-structured framework of support, we also offer them increasing opportunities to work independently and to take a greater degree of responsibility for their own learning.

Life in the Sixth Form

Entry into Queenswood’s Sixth Form marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in a Queenswood girl’s life. She will enjoy greater independence: she will be trusted to manage her own time, and will also take on school-wide responsibility – building on the positions of authority she may have held in the Middle School. Finally, she will have the opportunity to really focus on the subjects she loves. Being a member of the Sixth Form at Q brings many benefits, including access to the Bellman Sixth Form Centre and the opportunity to dress formally for business during the school day. Likewise, there are greater freedoms, from managing study periods to travelling offsite to Cuffley at lunchtime.

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Private School for Girls
Private School for Girls

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Private School for Girls


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