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Sherrardswood School, Co-educational School for 2-18 Year Olds

Sherrardswood School

Co-educational School for 2-18 Year Olds

Small outstanding co-education school for 2-18 year olds. Just over 300 pupils. School that regularly tops the league tables for GSCE pass rates. Breath taking grounds and settings. Proud of its long history of academic excellence. Exceptional school that is impeccably run with a supportive and family atmosphere. An outstanding school.

Lockleys, Welwyn, AL6 0BJ

Education In Hertfordshire Welwyn

Hertfordshire has some of the very best Pre-schools, Schools, Academies, Colleges, and Universities in England. The county is one of the most highly performing education authorities in England. Schools are consistently achieving standards that are well above the national average. Education in Hertfordshire provides high-quality education and support. The whole county offers a wide option of pre-school options. Whether you require a day nursery, a school nursery, a pre-school nursery or a childminder, Hertfordshire has some of the best to prepare your child for school. Hertfordshire offers all 3-4 year olds 15 hour free early education per week, which equates to 570 hours per year.

There are some of the most outstanding Primary Schools for children reaching the ages of about 4-11 years old. Some of these primary schools have received high accolades for their primary and elementary education. Hertfordshire primary schools have excelled fundamentally by teaching quality skills in reading, writing and mathematics to establish a solid foundation for learning. Preparatory Schools in Hertfordshire, also known as prep schools, offer some of the best fee-charging independent primary school education up to the age of 13. These schools offer some of the highest education preparing children for the Common Entrance Examination to achieve securing a place at a private independent secondary school or public school. Some of the prep schools in Hertfordshire have received very high ratings from Ofsted and there are some very good recognised middle schools in Hertfordshire where pupils taught are aged 9 to 13 years old. Hertfordshire has some of best Secondary Educational Schools in England. Students starting secondary education from 11 years old, will have some of the finest secondary education to choose from. These diverse and multi-cultural schools offer the highest standard of teaching. Students study a broad range of subjects such as Music, Maths, Sciences and languages to the highest standard. The secondary schools have an above average GCSE pass success rating. 

Some excellent special schools are also available in Hertfordshire. These schools cater for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Children in Hertfordshire who have complex and severe special educational needs including learning difficulties, physical disabilities or emotional and behavioural problems are provided with additional and excellent support in these schools. The schools are specifically designed, staff are trained and resourced to provide individualised specialist educational support for these children. The county also has some of the best Independent Schools. These independent schools or private schools, are fee paying schools which are governed by an elected board of governors and offer some of the highest education and facilities in the UK. These schools cater for pupils from the ages of 13-18. These multi-cultural and diverse schools are the benchmark for private education. Some of these schools specialise in specific subjects for example, Hertfordshire has one of the leading music schools in the United Kingdom while others have advanced sports facilities. The sports focused schools have produced some of the finest sports men and women from grass roots level through to international sports people who have represented their country. These schools also offer the option of boarding where pupils can live on the premises, as opposed to a day school. The lodging and meals are of the very highest standard and some private schools are associated with a religion, such as Roman Catholicism, Judaism, or Church of England. Hertfordshire has some of the finest academies that are state-funded schools and are directly funded by the Department for Education and independent of local authority control. These excellent academies in Hertfordshire are secondary schools and some of the primary schools in Hertfordshire, as well as some first, middle and secondary schools, are also academies. The Hertfordshire Academies are self-governing non-profit charitable trusts and some receive additional funding and support from personal or corporate sponsors. These academies do not have to follow the National Curriculum but do have to ensure that their curriculum is broad and balanced. The core subjects of the academies are mathematics and English. Many have the highest Ofsted rating.

Hertfordshire has four main high standard colleges. The colleges aim to transform the lives of local people and industry. They accomplish this by working closely and in partnership with employers to meet the needs of our community. Through dedicated innovation, outreach and technology and many other fields, these Hertfordshire colleges have excelled year on year in achieving these goals. The colleges have a reputation for not only teaching but listening to their students which always keeps the momentum focused on what matters most. They pride themselves in taking responsibly for safeguarding the wellbeing of the students. The colleges take people and staff of all ages, all backgrounds and communities. The colleges pride themselves on treating students fairly, with dignity and respect while learning. They recognise individual needs, circumstances, personal goals whilst working towards removing barriers. Every college in Hertfordshire has help and support for people with learning disabilities. The University of Hertfordshire is largely based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The University which has a student community of over 25,000 including more than 5,000 international students, representing 100 countries. The university has a global network of over 165,000 alumni. The University is one of Hertfordshire's largest employers with over 2,700 staff.  The university is a member of University Alliance, Universities UK and European University Association and has an outstanding reputation.

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