LISA Foraging Course

Sat 11 Jun

About this event

- Enjoy a fun foraging experience
- Discover a range of wild edibles
- A professional forager will be on hand to introduce you to an array of edible species
- Learn tips and tricks on how to harvest and identify wild produce
- Sample a selection of wild food which could include cordials, jams, cakes, flavoured salts and syrups

If you’re looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, why not try your hand at foraging? This experience with LISA will take you on an adventure of discovery to finding wild herbs that harvest many beneficial properties. We promise to provide you with tips, tricks and plenty of knowledge on this journey. Bring a pair of walking boots and set off in the Lea Valley to discover what wild foods grow nearby with a professional and group of budding foragers! You’ll be taught how to harvest wild foods correctly and even how to identify possible lookalikes. As well as hands-on learning, you’ll get the chance to sample some pre-made tasters that could include teas, cordials or chutney infusions. It’s the perfect chance to try something new and explore nature

What will you learn about?

- How to identify plant species
- How to harvest correctly
- The benefits and impact of each plant
- How to make your plant edible
- How to make a tincture

What will you receive?

- A Foraging bag
- A pair of gloves
- Recipe cards (e-book)
- Sample of tea/cordial
- Small snacks (depends on what's in season & will be vegan)
- Ingredients to make tincture

Please note, we will not be picking any mushrooms orany plants on this course. This course is mainly for knowledge and learning. If you choose to pick anything, this will be of your own will and can only be for your personal use.
Venue: Cheshunt, Lea Valley EN8 9AA