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Advanced cosmetics 

Jenny Cader Clinic is based in Hertford and offers advanced cosmetics and training. They specialise in permanent makeup treatments which is a subtle form of tattooing designed to enhance your features. The salon also offers a wide range of skin treatments from Katherine Daniels facials, led light therapy and plasma fibroblast. Their most popular treatments are HD Brows, LVL Lashes and Eyelash extensions keeping you glam 24/7. 

Skin treatments

There are a stunning range of advanced medical grade skin treatments, at the Jenny Cader Clinic, which encourage cell renewal and boost collagen reproduction. Alumier brings science and skincare together for total skin rejuvenation. AlumierMD was created by a global team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists. Scientific formulations using innovative ingredients at optimal levels within advanced delivery systems. This enhances our ability to provide customized professional treatments fully integrated with home care solutions. The result is optimal skin health and an excellent client experience.

Brows and Lashes

The Jenny Cader Clinic offers HD Brows, LVL Lashes and tinting. The treatments are designed to leave you feeling gorgeous, glamorous and ready to take on the world. HD Brows are taking the beauty industry by storm. It’s the latest celebrity treatment that’s now within your reach. Thanks to a unique seven-step brow-shaping treatment, you too can have the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows. Beautifully sculpted brows for everyone whether yours are overgrown or over plucked, HD Brows can sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel about yourself.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is a subtle form of tattooing designed to enhance your features. Available for eyebrows, eyes and lips. These treatments are suitable for everyone, whether you have hair-loss or would like it for convenience The Jenny Cader Clinic can cater to your needs. You can see a lot more on the Jenny Cader website on the gallery page for images of some of the treatments.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The infinity diode laser hair removal system is the only one that’s been specifically designed to remove unwanted hair quickly and comfortably. This is an advanced, new generation system that works with all skin tones. It provides a safe and effective way of removing hair on nearly all parts of the body. Using gentle pulses of laser energy, this pain-free treatment gently heats targeted hair follicles until they can no longer produce new hair. What’s the difference between diode laser and IPL treatments? The new-generation advanced diode laser hair removal system works on all hair colours and all skin tones which historically IPL has been unable to treat. IPL is ineffective at treating coarse, thick hairs, dark skin tone or pale hairs. And while it can treat a number of skin conditions, including excess hair, pigmentation, and capillaries, it does not treat them as well as a dedicated laser for the job, such as the diode laser, for hair removal.

Plasma Pen Treatment

The Jenny Cader Clinic have teamed up with Holly Gough from Tamoko beauty to offer an amazing new treatment! Plasma pen fibroblast in a non surgical skin lifting and tightening treatment. Exclusive to Hertford this treatment promises to deliver great results! Clinics will be held monthly and the Plasma Pen is the beauty world’s #1, most advanced, en-vogue & non-invasive, soft- surgery skin lifting, skin tightening & rejuvenation device & treatment used in a number of procedures to dramatically enhance looks without the need for costly & invasive surgery.

Needle Free Fillers

This treatment is using a device designed to implant Juvederm into the dermis of the lip/skin via pneumatic pressure. The tool creates an air pocket in the lip giving a pin prick to the area the product is pushed through and evenly distributed. No pain & natural results for fuller lips.

Finance Options

The Jenny Cader Clinic are pleased to be able to offer finance options for our treatments and training over £50.

Beauty clinic and training

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Beauty clinic and training


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