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Broadwater Dental Practice offers both NHS and private dentistry. We are proud to have treated multiple generations of families and proud that many patients have stayed with us even after moving to different localities. Our primary concern is the health of your teeth and providing you with a positive dental experience. We also have dental and hygienist services available.


​Our dentists have significant experience of treating both routine and complex work. The practice has three associate dentists including the former Principal Dentist. We have an oral surgeon who undertakes complex extractions. Our newest associate dentist Dr Anissa Virdee is accepting new NHS patients.


​We have two hygienists who are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. They have a wealth of experience in cleaning teeth, preventive dental care and offering education to patients on ways to maintain good oral health.

Other Services Include: 

Routine Exams

Regular dental examinations are important. At scheduled check ups, we will assess the health of your teeth and gums, and carry out a full screen of your oral tissues.


Metal and tooth coloured fillings are offered depending upon your needs and budget. Metal fillings are popular for their longevity while tooth coloured fillings are a more modern advancement and are cosmetically pleasing.

​Oral Surgery

There are times when taking a tooth out is the only option to relieving the pain from a problem tooth. Most dental extractions can be carried out by your dentist but for complex cases, we have an oral surgeon who has expertise in this. 


Straight teeth help radiate a dazzling smile.​ We offer 'clear braces' to help correct uneven teeth. Treatment starts with a consultation to make sure your teeth are suitable and if so, a series of corrective braces which will gradually give you the smile you deserve.


Bridges are a method of filling the gap left by missing teeth. Whilst implants are fixed to the bone, a bridge is held in place by being fixed to the neighbouring teeth.


When many teeth are missing, it may not be possible to have a 'fixed' solution. Dentures are rem​ovable and do take time to get used but can be a great way to help make fill in large gaps.


Missing teeth can affect your smile and can emotionally impact confidence. Dental implants are synthetic teeth fixed to your jaw by a titanium metal rod. With good oral hygiene, most will last at least 10 years.

AIR Polish

This treatment is provided by our dentists and hygienists. It is an alternative express deep clean that also removes superficial stains in typically 10-15 minutes.


Teeth whitening lightens the natural colour of your teeth, whilst simultaneously removing everyday stains caused by lifestyle and diet. We offer custom fit home whitening kits which can lighten your teeth by up to three shades. Our experience is that it is effective, safe and patients report minimal sensitivity .


Crowns and veneers can be an effective solution to broken or decayed teeth. They can mask large fillings and also help improve the shape and colour of the tooth. We offer both crowns and veneers and will use our experience to guide whether they will help you.


Dental emergencies can be painful and distressing. We offer an excellent emergency service during our weekday opening hours seeing our registered patients as quickly as possible to relieve pain as quickly as possible.


Improving your smile is not only about maintaining healthy teeth and gums since fine lines and wrinkles also play a major role. We offer a range of non-surgical facial treatments using Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers to help skin appear smoother and replace lost volume.


Over half the population snore which can result in headaches and daytime sleepiness. We are trained providers of Sleepwell which is one of the most clinically effective dental types of snoring device with 98% of patients finding it acceptable to wear at night.

​LED Facial

Our patients know that good skin complements a good smile. We offer an LED facial which combines different light waveforms with an exfoliant. This can be tailored to your skin to either combat acne forming bacteria, or help stimulate collagen formation and tighten skin.

Nervous Patients

We know that visiting a dentist makes some patients extremely anxious and worried. We have considerable experience of treating nervous patients including children and the elderly. We will work hard with you to overcome any fears to allow necessary treatments.

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