Future Academies WatfordAcademy for 11 - 18 year olds

Exceptional knowledge-rich education with rich and varied extracurricular programme

Future Academies Watford is part of a multi-academy trust which runs ten academies and has an excellent teacher training college and NCTL Teaching School accreditation. It is part of local schools with global ambitions for its pupils. Future Academies Watford's mission is to help young people succeed despite the many barriers that exist for them. They are firm believers that with the right support, encouragement and opportunities, all young people have the potential to succeed in education and in life.

Future Academies Watford

Futures Academies Watford (formerly Francis Combe School and Community College) is an excellent mixed academy and sixth form for young people aged 11 - 18 years old. The Academy is based in Garston, Watford, and was formerly a community school that was established in 1954 and adopted its present name after becoming an academy in 2009. Futures Academies Watford has an excellent varied and broad curriculum which can be viewed in detail on the website. The Academy has grown from strength to strength over recent years. The academy is part of Future Academies Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), and share their high standards of excellence. Futures Academy Watford offer a rich and stimulating education comprised of a knowledge-rich curriculum, diverse cultural and extracurricular opportunities, and a strong pastoral support system. All children are welcomed in our inclusive community, and all are challenged to be the best they can be.

Sixth Form

The staff and students are immensely proud of the sixth form and the important role it plays in the life of the academy. Students in the sixth form benefit from an area of the academy dedicated to their sole use for both teaching and personal study. There is a strong record of success and achievement, as well as being recognised for the personalised support and development that Future Academies Watford offers each student. The sixth form delivers a curriculum that is ambitious, inspiring and challenging, providing students with an opportunity to find the areas in which they excel and have a true passion for. This starts with high quality learning in lessons taught by subject experts and a desire to enable students to achieve their goals. This creates a positive and focused learning environment, supporting students as they develop into effective independent learners.

News & Events

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Secondary Curriculum

Future Academies Watford has knowledge at its heart. They want their students to experience the joy of learning, which will help them become confident, articulate and resilient young people. All the curriculum programmes are academically ambitious, but clear, carefully-planned teaching allows all children to succeed. The academy uses widely-available programmes, such as Maths Mastery, which they believe is highly effective. The academy takes time to choose carefully what knowledge to teach, prioritising that which will be of the greatest value to our students in their later lives. For more information please click HERE

Ethos and Values Libertas Per Cultum (Freedom Through Education)

Future Academies Watford has its vision proudly displayed at the entrance for everyone to see: libertas per cultum (freedom through education). At the core of everything they do is a commitment to transforming the life chances of all our young people. Through exceptional knowledge-rich education, rich and varied extracurricular programme, and warm and supportive pastoral care system, they nurture their development into confident, articulate and successful adults with the world at their feet. Above all, three words are woven into our academy’s culture: knowledge, aspiration and respect. They believe that knowledge is the key to academic success. Students at our school are given access to the very best that has been thought, written and said over the centuries, delivered by knowledgeable and passionate subject-specialists.

Academy for 11 - 18 year olds

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Academy for 11 - 18 year olds


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