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Keeping safe

Innov8 Security provide comprehensive and complete security solution for homes and businesses. They cover the whole county and further afield. Innov8 Security specialise in CCTV Systems, Burglar Alarms, Automatic Gate Installation and Access Control Systems. They are a highly experienced company and can help with a great deal of security issues.

CCTV Installation

Innov8 Security have a wide range of modern CCTV systems suitable for homes or businesses. Remotely monitor your property or business premises day and night with a must have tool in the fight against crime. Modern CCTV provides clear HD images and if you are thinking about getting a CCTV system installed then Innov8 Security will carry out a free site survey and provide a quotation based on your unique requirements. 

Burglar Alarms

Innov8 Security install home and business security systems or upgrade and maintain your existing system. They offer reliable burglar alarms that are fitted for peace of mind and security. If you already have an alarm then it is important to make sure it is tested and works properly. Innov8 Security can fully check your existing burglar alarm and provide ongoing maintenance. 

Automatic Gate Installation 

Innov8 Security are fully qualified and trained in automatic gate installation. Whether you would like your existing gate to become automated or you would like a new automatic gate installed, then Innov8 Security can provide the service you need. They only provide and install metal gates but can automate other types of existing gates. Security gates are installed for different reasons but the most popular use are driveway gates. However, other common uses include electric gates for businesses, commercial sites and equestrian yards. Innov8 Security install automation gates for both swinging and sliding gates that best suit your needs and space. After the installation of electric gates, your gates will need periodic servicing and gate testing and commercial gate safety testing. Electric gate safety testing is a maintenance procedure that has to be carried out by law. These gates offer great benefits and provide provide a deterrent to burglars and intruders. The gates are robust, durable, convenient and practical. The gates are designed to increase your privacy and add value to your property. They look both stylish outside your home and professional outside a business.

Access Control Systems 

Innov8 Security have a wide range of door entry and access control systems. Alarms and monitoring systems are extremely effective in detecting crime and break-ins but access controls can be just as important for preventing them. Different access control systems suit different requirements and preferences. Door entry systems for your office or building can include keypads and intercoms. Access control via an intercom system can include either audio or video communications or both. You can also have your access control system linked to doors, automatic gates or barriers in order to make entry both as convenient and secure as possible. When cabling isn’t an option, linking between the inside of the building and the entrance can be achieved by using GSM mobile technology, which can be programmed to call a landline inside the building or alternatively a mobile phone. Innov8 Security can also link your access control system to any other security solutions you have in place such as a CCTV system. 

Innov8 Security supply and install access control systems from all major brands and we are fully qualified in the latest standards. 

Security for homes and businesses

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Security for homes and businesses


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