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As an independent option EYES on St Albans do not stock high street brands, we believe that your eye wear should be as individual as you are and we work with you to choose a frame that reflects your personality.

Owner, Jez Levy, has over 35 years experience and is passionate about eye wear, wearing glasses shouldn't have to be boring! We provide a full service optometrist practice and will also supply and fit frames and lenses with a presciption. We have a wide range of unique frames and use the finest lenses available.

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Our exquisite glasses are made by unique designers including: Blake Kuwahara, Dita, Kirk and Kirk, Moscot, Tavat, The Cathedral Collection and Vava. Find out more about our fabulous designers HERE

Colour Blindness

Do you or someone you know suffer from red-green colour blindness?

People view colour when white light, containing all the colours of the rainbow, enters the eye activating photoreceptors (cones) that are sensitive to red, blue and green. In people who have red-green colourblindness (the most common type), there is an extreme overlap of the red and green colour cones in the eye. This overlap means that people are unable to distinguish invididual colours from each other and have a significant reduction in the shades of colour they are able to see.

EnChroma lenses work by filtering out certain wavelengths of light at the point where the overlap of photoreceptors occurs. The cones are modified in a way that increases the wearers colour diferentiation and therefore enables them to see a far wider range of colour.

We are the number one stockest of EnChroma lenses in the UK, helping people who are colour blind to view a wide range of colours for the first time. We can provide EnChroma lenses as prescription or non prescription and we can fit them into your existing frames (depending on frame quality).

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Quality independent opticians
Quality independent opticians

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Quality independent opticians


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