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Dealing with asbestos the correct way

The ARG Group is a group of specialist companies that deal in asbestos surveying, removal or management of asbestos, refurbishment and construction projects. Highly professional and extremely skilled they have the ability to meet the needs and requirements of both industrial and domestic clients. The company has over 30 years' experience in the construction and asbestos industry. They are constantly re-evaluating and improving their service and evolving to meet new legislation. The ARG Group always strive to bring their clients the best solutions to meet their needs.


The ARG Group, as a company, are dedicated to both their clients and staff. They ensure Health and Safety procedures are followed to the strictest level. Health and Safety has always been paramount to their service concept and delivery. The ARG Group look to build upon their strengths by providing innovative services and by working with their clients. They are an ambitious company with a powerful vision that operates in a specialised market. They have a strong management team and a highly trained expert workforce.


The ARG Group's core value is customer care. As a company they strive to bring excellence to each and every project they undertake and are flexible to meet customer needs no matter how difficult the task is. The group has strong values that include getting it right first time and that everybody takes responsibility for delivering on The ARG Group promises. As a company they welcome feedback and use it to improve and understand they achieve more through teamwork and they value everyone's contribution. Everyone is treated with equal respect and ARG continually strives, as a group, to improve the quality of services provided.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are of paramount importance. The ARG Group achieve a working environment which is free of work related accidents and ill-health and to this end they will pursue continuing improvements year on year. Their standards are exceptional. As a company they identify hazards in the workplace, assess the risks related to them and implementing appropriate preventative and protective measures. They always provide and maintaining safe work equipment. They establish and enforce safe methods of work at all times. The ARG Group only recruit and appoint personnel who have the skills, abilities and competence commensurate with their role and level of responsibility. They ensure that tasks given to employees are within their skills, knowledge and ability to perform. They ensure that technical competence is maintained through the provision of refresher training as appropriate and they always promote awareness of health and safety and of good practice through the effective communications of relevant information. 

If you need any help or advice regarding issues with asbestos then please contact the ARG Group. Further information can be seen on the ARG Group website. 

Asbestos removal and management

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Asbestos removal and management


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