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Viewing by appointment only. Please call the nursery to book a time slot between 9am and 11.30am, subject to availability.

Day Nursery in Stunning Converted Barn

Hertford Barns Day Nursery has a fantastic, warm and welcoming environment. The nursery ensures that your child’s individual needs are prioritised and their interests nurtured. Set in beautiful countryside, Hertford Barns Day Nursery offers a calm and safe environment with plenty of green space surrounding it. The nursery is set in a stunning converted and historic barn, with stable block, that provides a very high standard of purpose-built facilities. All children have daily access to outdoor play as the nursery knows the positive impact that being outdoors has on a child’s social, emotional and physical development. The children’s days are packed full of activities designed in line with EYFS principles and implemented by highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Hertford Barns Day Nursery offers a fully inclusive service and they recognise that each child from six weeks to five years of age is unique and actively seek ways to celebrate that.

Outdoor Space

The nursery offers age appropriate outdoor space which is a fundamental part of the daily routine across all age groups. Children will gain an understanding of the natural world around them and develop physical, imaginative and social skills. 

Nutritious Meals

Hertford Barns Day Nursery has a dedicated on-site Chef who prepares the children’s meals. Only the freshest produce is used, locally sourced where possible, and menus provide a variety of nutritious dishes. The nursery caters for young children’s weaning needs through to those on full diets and cater for dietary requirements. The importance of healthy eating is a core principle of Hertford Barns Day Nursery and they work alongside nutritionists to develop a balanced menu.

A Child Develops and Learns Through Play

The rooms and gardens at Hertford Barns Day Nursery are resourced to provide opportunities for every child to grow and develop. Each child’s learning experience is unique and the highly trained staff are there to nurture and support your child. Bespoke planning incorporates your child’s interests and supports their development across the 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning. Activities are both age and stage appropriate and follow the EYFS principles. Weekly activities can include cooking, art, ICT, messy play, music as well as literacy and numeracy. From those first steps to supporting your child’s transition to school, the nursery works in partnership with you throughout your family’s journey with them.

Working with Parents 

When you join this day nursery in Hertford, you and your child will be allocated a Key Person. The Key Person supports your child’s ongoing learning needs and development needs. The nursery also provides all families with exclusive access to their Childbase@Home website which provides online resources, activity ideas, recipes and parent workshops which are free to join.

Parent’s Evenings

Hertford Barns Day Nursery knows that parent’s evenings are vital in providing parents the opportunity to talk through their child’s development. These are organised within the year in person or online.

Fully Inclusive Service

Hertford Barns Day Nursery provide a fully inclusive service. This includes formula milk, nappies and wipes, freshly prepared meals, creams, suncream and all extra-curricular activities are include.


The nursery are part of an employee-owned company where the staff are empowered and encouraged to take part in all decision making processes. The employees benefit from award-winning staff training and development programmes. High level investment in colleagues personal and professional growth and wellbeing is a priority at Hertford Barns Day Nursery.

Superb Inclusive Day Nursery
Superb Inclusive Day Nursery

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