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Daybreak Nurseries in Rickmansworth is part of an independent company that offer high quality flexible childcare from Dawn to Dusk. Daybreak was established in 2004 and they have 4 nurseries, two of which are in Rickmansworth. Rickmansworth Town Centre Daybreak opened in 2004 and this central site offers a wide range of exciting experiences for the children. These include trips to the nearby Aquadrome, Watersmeet Theatre which is the adjoining building, local shops, fire station and train station. All the children have access to an outdoor play area as the Town Centre Daybreak has free flow access from its preschool room. The garden has a wide range of equipment with safety play surface. 

Communication Matters

Communication is important to Daybreak and they strive to keep all parents informed of all events and notices. They currently use a platform called Blossom to communicate daily feedback to parents. Further information about this is on the Daybreak Nurseries website. In addition, Daybreak also uses Parentmail, which is an online facility that helps them keep all details up to date and parents continuously informed. On a day to day basis you can email your manager with any questions or queries. Parents Evenings are held twice a year and are an opportunity to discuss your child’s development and each week parents receive an email from the management team explaining what your child/children will be focusing on for the following week. This is great so parents can take an interest in your child’s week ahead.

Daybreak Philosophy 

Daybreak Nurseries believe learning should be fun. Daybreak takes a holistic approach and works in developing the whole child, physically, mentally and socially. They nurture each child’s natural curiosity to reach their full developmental potential. This helps children develop the social skills and confidence they will require as they get older. Daybreak key elements ensure all children are happy and content and these include Providing a stimulating safe environment; Encouraging children’s natural learning; Fostering imagination and creativity; Developing lively and enquiring minds; Enabling children to develop friendships; Listening to the needs of our children and their parents; Developing independence, self respect and self-confidence; Recognising all cultures and family backgrounds and Respecting other children’s religious faiths.

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