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Good health for your feet 

The Podiatry Practices recommend annual foot checks for everyone. This includes all members of a family. Podiatrists are skilled and highly trained in screening and health education. A visit to the Podiatrist need not always be about sore feet, general foot health for everyone is very important. All the podiatrists at The Podiatry Practices are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and members of their professional body, The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.


The Podiatry Practices offers a wide range of advice and treatment for many conditions. These include Corns and Callus, Ingrown Toenails (conservative and surgery treatment options), Nail Pathology (nail discolouration, thickened nails, fungal nail infections), Skin Disorders/Infections (cracked heels, fungal infections, verrucae), Diabetic foot assessments and care, Foot Deformities (bunions, hammer, clawed toes), Systemic Diseases (diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy, circulation problems), Podiatric acupuncture, Foot & ankle Injuries/Pain (heel pain, Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis/heel pain), Postural Foot Problems (flat feet, high arched feet), Foot and Lower Limb Problems (leg length discrepancies, ankle instability, sprains) and Sports Injuries. If you need any treatments then the Podiatry Practices are extremely skilled in helping these issues for you.


The Podiatry Practices provide a variety of assessments and treatments that include Comprehensive range of general foot treatments, Annual diabetic foot review and risk assessment, in accordance with the N.I.C.E guidelines, Biomechanical assessments, Scanned bespoke orthotics and prefabricated orthotics/insoles, Toenail surgery, Footwear advice and Foot health education. All prices are on their website or you can contact them where they will make an appointment for you to visit them for a full assessment.

Other Services

For Chiropody and Podiatry, the practice specialises in heel pain and infected ingrown toenails. For Orthotics they specialise in Biomechanics and Bespoke orthotics. The practice also specialises in diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

For further information please see The Podiatry Practices website or contact them directly. 

Chiropody and podiatry services

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Chiropody and podiatry services


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