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Capel Manor College is London’s environmental college, offering a diverse range of full and part-time courses in further and higher education for school leavers and adults. 

The College plays a vital role in the green agenda for the capital, equipping the next generation of land-based sector workers with the skills and knowledge needed to help preserve and protect London’s wildlife, national parks and green spaces.

Students at Capel Manor College are immersed in a hands-on, creative and practical outdoor learning environment, with exceptional, industry-experienced tutors who are experts in their fields. 

Students will join an inclusive, diverse and passionate community of over 3,000 students across six London campuses. The College’s campuses are located at Brooks Farm (Leyton), Crystal Palace Park, Enfield, Gunnersbury Park, Regent’s Park and Mottingham. As part of their studies, they have the unique opportunity to obtain real-world experience and help take care of the College’s estates, gardens, farms, zoos and commercial businesses. 

School Leavers

Agriculture, Animal Management, Arboriculture and Forestry, Floristry and Event Styling, Foundation Learning, Garden and Landscape Design, Horticulture and Professional Landscaping, Industry Training, Leatherwork and Wildlife and Environmental Conservation.

Adult Learners

Agriculture, Animal Management, Arboriculture and Forestry, Floristry and Event Styling, Garden and Landscape Design, Horticulture and Professional Landscaping, Industry Training, Leatherwork, Wildlife and Environmental Conservation.


Animal Management, Arboriculture and Forestry, Floristry and Event Styling and Horticulture and Professional Landscaping.

Higher Education

Animal Management and Floristry and Event Styling.

Industry Training Courses

There are many industry training courses, for a full list see the Capel Manor College website.

Below is a breakdown of the courses in a little more detail. All the different courses and qualifications are explained in full on the Capel Manor College website.  


There is increasing awareness that farmers have an important role to play as custodians of the British countryside and wildlife. As well as providing the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock, agriculture is the backbone of the economic system within the UK. Agriculture provides food and raw materials, and a large percentage of employment opportunities. Choose from a variety of agriculture courses, and earn the qualifications you need for a career cultivating the land, growing and harvesting crops and breeding providing high welfare to a range of livestock species. You will study a multitude of topics, whilst gaining first-hand farming experience working at the certified organic Forty Hall Farm, as well as at Mudchute Farm, developing the practical skills and knowledge for progression to higher education or to start your career in the agriculture industry.

Animal Management

Explore your passion for animals with the specialist courses in animal management, zoology, veterinary science and dog grooming. At Capel Manor College they manage and look after more than 1,000 animals in the extensive zoos, collections and farms across their London campuses at Brooks Farm (Leyton), Crystal Palace Park, Enfield, Forty Hall Farm, Gunnersbury Park and Mottingham. Their animal collection ranges from mammals and birds, to reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Capel Manor College offer a range of nationally and internationally recognised animal management courses, ranging from further to higher education. Taught by industry-experienced professionals and designed to support progression to employment, the courses can provide you with invaluable theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Arboriculture and Countryside Courses

Arboriculture (tree surgery) involves the planting, care and maintenance of individual trees in woodlands, rural and urban areas. It is closely linked to forestry, which is the science and practice of managing forests and woodlands. Capel Manor College offers the perfect location for your studies with over 35 acres spread across the capital as well as many local woodland sites maintained by college students. You will gain invaluable subject knowledge, along with hands-on skills learning how to operate, maintain and use modern industry machinery and equipment. The full, part-time and apprenticeship courses open up numerous educational and career opportunities; many of our students’ progress to higher education to further their studies or enter careers within the industry.

Floristry and Event Styling

Learn to develop your creativity with the diverse range of courses in floristry, event planning, floral art and design, balloon artistry and event styling. The full, part-time, evening and apprenticeship courses combine both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Capel Manor College have an in-house retail training facility at their Enfield Campus and they regularly participate in exciting, high-profile national competitions, such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. You will be encouraged to take advantage of these unique opportunities, where you can gain valuable work experience. The courses, with the exception of our workshops, will give you the opportunity to gain nationally and internationally recognised qualifications with the prospect of progressing to further study, higher education, employment, or starting your own business.

Foundation Learning 

Capel Manor College's Foundation Learning and 14 to 16 provision prepares young people to progress onto land-based vocational pathways or other suitable progression routes such as employment, apprenticeships, other vocational study or supported internships. Students receive high levels of individually-focused support and will develop personal, social and employability skills. Students undertake a range of class-based and practical hands-on activities, introducing them to the various areas of the land-based industry. Additionally, Capel Manor College help them to develop their skills in English, Maths and personal development.

Garden and Landscape Design

Express your creative and artistic flair while embracing your passion for plants and the environment through one of the garden and landscape design courses. Capel Manor College have a long-established reputation for delivering garden design courses of the highest quality with a core focus on today’s challenges of climate change, sustainability, and health and wellbeing. You will be encouraged to showcase your skills by entering your work into nationally and internationally renowned design shows, exhibitions and competitions. The students regularly win awards in RHS shows such as Chelsea, Hampton Court and Chatsworth. The College offer a range of full and part-time, nationally-certified courses within garden and landscape design, as well as higher education. You can study a Foundation Degree in garden design and plantsmanship, delivered in partnership with the Royal Agricultural University (RAU).

Horticulture and Professional Landscaping

Capel Manor College have been a centre for horticultural studies since 1968 and have developed an unrivalled reputation for excellence and strong industry links. By studying with them, you will be introduced to a unique array of plant collections, both within their campuses and across the capital, providing you with the opportunity to work within some of London’s most prestigious parks and gardens. Improving the quality of London’s gardens and landscapes is of paramount importance; by joining Capel Manor College further education courses in horticulture, landscape construction, fruit and vegetable growing, and golf greenkeeping, you can play a vital role in this. Your developing knowledge and skills will enable you to get involved in the design and implementation of gardens for a variety of national horticulture shows, as well as the regeneration and redevelopment of parks and gardens in the local communities.

Industry Training

Capel Manor College offer an extensive selection of industry short courses ranging from horticulture to arboriculture. These courses are designed to provide you or your employees with specialist training and skills to bring them in-line with rigorous industry standards. All of the courses are run by qualified instructors, most of whom are members of the LANTRA professional register. Capel Manor College's professional short courses are predominantly available at Enfield. The College can however, on request, re-locate to one of the other campuses at Gunnersbury Park, Regent’s Park, and Crystal Palace Park if these sites are deemed suitable for the specific course. The College can also, under special arrangements and if suitable, carry out training on your premises.


If you are interested in horses and horse riding, or working with leather and have artistic flair, then one of Capel Manor College's leatherwork courses is the ideal choice. They offer the prestigious and historic Worshipful Company of Cordwainers’ Diploma in Saddle, Harness and Bridle Making, as well as the Shoemaking Advanced Diploma. Their saddlery and leatherwork courses are taught through practical demonstrations and hands-on workshops, helping to provide you with the skill set needed for working within the leather industries. The students enter the industry working for saddlery businesses and Master Saddlers whilst others take up apprenticeships to further their training. Skills learnt on our courses are transferable and our students go on to work with a wide range of employers in areas such as luxury leather goods makers, the British Army and the fashion industry.

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

The natural world needs more protection than ever to conserve our wildlife species and habitats. Capel Manor College's wild and open spaces play a vital role within our economy, making the need for conservation professionals imperative. The countryside management and environmental conservation courses will equip you with the essential skills needed for a career in the industry. You will study a variety of exciting course topics that include: managing a range of UK habitats, surveying plants and wildlife, guided walks, countryside estates skills, wildlife ecology and environment, machinery operations and industry-based work experience. You will learn the specialist knowledge required along with gaining the extensive hands-on field experience needed to manage habitats, conserve wildlife and the environment. Once you have completed a Level 2 course, you can progress to a Level 3 course or apprenticeship. After completing a Level 3 course, you will be equipped to progress to higher education, undertake an industry training course, or work in the UK or internationally within conservation.

Open Days and Advice Evenings

Capel Manor College hold many Open Days and Advice Evenings. Going to one of these events will really help you decide on the course that's right for you.

For all further information please see the Capel Manor College website.

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