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Kenwood PLC are expert damp proofing specialists who work across Hertfordshire and the South East. They specialise in damp proofing, basement waterproofing, condensation control, dry rot and woodworm. They will treat and repair these issues to ensure your property is protected at all times. They are the leading damp specialist experts and have been established for over 30 years. They help both residential and commercial properties and complete over 3,000 jobs finished and guaranteed each year. 

Damp Experts

Kenwood PLC carry out treatments to a wide range of properties for home owners and business. They also work on many commercial properties including shops, offices and schools. They have even treated dampness in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. You can be assured that each and every property gets their full expertise, care and attention.


The company are a Chartered Building Company, Full members of the BWPDA (British Wood Preserving & Damp Proofing Association), PCA (Property Care Association), CHAS and the Guarantee Protection Trust.

Damp Proofing

Kenwood PLC know that rising Damp can develop within walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course or the omission of damp proofing during earlier construction or renovation. There are many ways in which rising damp may be found in a property. Rising damp can be located during a Building Survey, by tests carried out to the base of the damp walls. In more severe cases where damp has been left untreated for years, visible damp patches may appear along with hygroscopic salts on the surface of walls. Kenwood PLC effective treatment requires removal of the wall plaster to approximately one metre or higher and installing a new damp proof course within the damp walls which will provide protection for the property.

Basement Waterproofing

Kenwood PLC provide a comprehensive range of waterproofing treatments and basement tanking solutions for both domestic and commercial properties. They are leading specialists in below-ground waterproofing. Their treatments include cellar tanking, basement tanking, under street vaults, cellars and lower ground floor accommodation such as garden flats.

Structural Waterproofing

Structural waterproofing is a term used for damp proofing and tanking your structure to ensure it is watertight. Structural waterproofing is most commonly used for properties with high ground levels or low or below ground flats to provide a dry internal finish. Kenwood PLC know that 
structural waterproofing can be quite a big job but can make spaces in your property liveable, increasing its value. Very often this will eliminate the need to lower external ground levels and overcomes problems of high adjacent pavements and neighbouring properties.

Specialist Plastering

Kenwood PLC offer specialist plastering after damp proofing which is an essential part of rising dampness treatment. The specialists at Kenwood PLC are experts in re-plastering damp walls and ensure your property is left damp proof and suitably rendered. A new damp proof course will prevent moisture rising into the walls. When investing in a damp proofing course, you’re investing in peace of mind that your property will provide you with a comfortable, healthy home for you and your family, or an up-to-standards office for your employees. 

Dry Rot and Wet Rot Treatments

There is a difference between dry and wet rot. Wet rot treatment is usually less expensive to eradicate than dry rot. Wet rot holds more moisture in comparison to dry rot, but fungal decay of timber by either wet rot or dry rot can occur when timbers are in prolonged contact with damp situations, especially in poorly ventilated areas such as sub floors. Dampness from plumbing leaks, defective gutters, rising dampness or high ground levels can create the conditions for decay to establish, which allows wood rotting fungi to develop and flourish. This can cause huge structural problems for a property.


Kenwood PLC treat woodworm which is woodworm infestation or wood boring beetle. This is found in many residential and commercial buildings. Damage to timbers can occur, as wood boring beetles are able to use wood as a food source. The most common infestations are from the Common Furniture Beetle, however other species such as Death Watch Beetle, Lyctus Powder Post Beetle and House Longhorn Beetle may be found. Kenwood Plc carry out a wide range of treatments for the eradication and control of all commonly found wood boring insects. Following inspection by their surveyor, they will provide a report of their findings and a quotation for treatments if found necessary. If you think you might have had an insect attack and require a woodworm treatment service, spotting the problem earlier rather than later is crucial. Correct identification of insect attack is essential in ensuring effective treatment.

Condensation Control 

Kenwood PLC can help with all condensation control which is a common household or domestic damp issues. These concerns can occur in blocks of flats, single households and commercial buildings. It is most common in residential buildings. Failing to use effective condensation control methods could cause wider issues for the whole building but Kenwood PLC can advise on simple solutions. 

Damp proofing specialist

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Damp proofing specialist


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