Ickle DramaDrama classes for children

Fun and confidence building 

Ickle Drama is a theatre group for students aged 2.5 years to teenagers. The classes are for those who want to act and improve their confidence. Ickle Drama has been around since 2003. Ickle Drama classes are about having lots of fun to put on some shows as well. The classes are great confidence boosters and you can meet some like minded friends too.   

About us

It's all about the acting. To act you must believe, you must be confident, you must know your craft. All children can play and pretend but what happens when you put them in front of an audience, some will want to disappear, while others play to the crowd. Through theatre games, improvisation, devising, vocal and body work our students grow as confident, able actors, who can perform together. To make acting look effortless you have to know what you are doing and where to place your energy. Students will be taught the foundation stones of how to give a truly believable and honest performance. 

Past Productions and events

See the Ickle Drama website for pictures about all past shows and events.

When are the classes

Classes are on Mondays / Wednesdays / Thursdays. See the Ickle Drama website for details on venues and times.

Where are the classes

North Hertfordshire at Ickleford Village Hall, Pirton School and Hexton School. 

Drama classes for children

Opening Times

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    MONDAYS 4PM - 6PM // WEDNESDAYS 12.15PM - 5.40PM // THURSDAYS 3.15PM - 5.15PM

    Drama classes for children