St Catherine's School

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What's new at St Catherine's

A new behaviour policy is being introduced; all staff have received training on the ‘Hertfordshire Steps’ therapeutic approach to behaviour and a brand new behaviour policy has been written – this will be available to families as soon as it has been approved by governors early this term

Following the introduction of our behaviour policy, we have slimmed down our school rules to just three:

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

We have a renewed focus on reading; our aim is to become a centre of excellence for reading – a school where the whole community develop a genuine love and enjoyment of the written word and read for pleasure

Dolce Catering company are now providing lunches for St Catherine’s – we hope that you will encourage your children to sample some of the freshly prepared meals that are on offer every day

Work on developing and improving our school site – inside and out, has been ongoing. We are especially grateful to teams from Sainsbury’s who have cleared the quadrangle and other areas, painted fences and other wooden structures, ferried topsoil and pebbles, painted inside the changing rooms amongst other tasks over the break, as part of their 150 year celebrations and community involvement – thank you. In addition, many changes have been made to our Early Years setting (thank you to all those who have kindly donated materials for this) and other areas around the school have received a ‘face lift’ – see if you can spot them!

At St Catherine's we strive to provide a caring, positive environment in which all members of the school community, irrespective of age, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender or disability are encouraged and expected to respect one another.

Aiming High

  • In Life
    We aim to develop independent children who are equipped for the world they are living in, prepared for the challenges of the future and who strive for excellence in all they do
    We seek to nurture children who appreciate the richness, diversity and potential of the world beyond their own, including their responsibilities within it
  • In Learning
    We are committed to ensuring children master secure knowledge and understanding across the curriculum, having the skills to apply and express their understanding
    We continue to provide opportunities for children to take risks, explore and have the courage to follow their curiosity, helping them to discover their own voice and identity
  • With God
    We look forward to preserving and developing our religious character in partnership with the church and the diocese, encouraging children to explore their own beliefs and living according to our Christian values
  • Together
    In partnership, to live, learn and grow in independence and in faith through hope in our future.
Primary School in Hoddesdon
Primary School in Hoddesdon

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Primary School in Hoddesdon