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How regular Covid-19 testing can help

Daniel Cheung, from Medix Pharmacy in Stevenage, explains about coronavirus testing. 

When should I get tested?

If you display any coronavirus symptoms. Symptoms include an elevated temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. If you have any of these symptoms you should self-isolate. You should inform your workplace, stay home, and book a test as soon as possible to see if you have Covid-19. If the test is negative, you can safely return to work as soon as you feel better. If the test is positive you should inform your workplace at once, they can then take the necessary precautions to protect other members of staff and minimise the spread.

How can I arrange a test?

To find out if you have coronavirus, book a private COVID PCR antigen test. You can order a kit to your home or be tested at the pharmacy. 

You can also book an antibody test to discover if you’ve contracted the virus anytime in the past. This test needs to be done at the pharmacy by a trained professional who will take a venous sample of blood before sending the sample off for analysis. The method the laboratory analyses is the Abbotts Method. 

How long will it take for me to get the results?

Results usually come back within two days, depending on how busy the laboratory is. Sometimes the results come back the next day as Medix Pharmacy has such a good relationship with their laboratory partners. 

Do Medix Pharmacy carry out Private COVID PCR test for travellers? 

With most countries requiring a negative COVID PCR test for all flyers prior to departure, you will need to book a private PCR test at MEDIX Pharmacy. This is for all travellers whether for work or for other purposes. Our team recommends contacting us to discuss your test before booking it. The COVID team will be able to advise when the best time to be tested is, to ensure the results will arrive before you fly. 

Different countries and different airlines have different requirements, so it is best to check with our team before you book your test. We can use our experience to help make sure you have all the documents and information you need before you travel.

How can you help businesses protect the workplace?

MEDIX Pharmacy recently worked with several large corporate clients to get their teams back into work safely. Whilst COVID is amongst us, it is inevitable that there will be a question of doubt amongst many companies as to when it is safe to allow their employees back to work should any show symptoms of COVID. 

Regular PCR testing is vital to ensure they can continue to operate during the pandemic. We were able to make sure they received regular, reliable tests for all employees, whose results could be sent back in time for them to plan and arrange travel. 

One company that MEDIX Pharmacy has worked with is Kingdom Creative, Russell O’Hagan, Operations Manager at Kingdom Creative, said: “The service Medix Pharmacy has provided has been exceptional. We can’t thank Daniel and his team enough. It’s hard to think of any other service which has played a more significant role in our company’s resilience to operating in such unprecedented times.” 

Arranging regular testing for all employees can help reassure staff that are nervous about returning to work, allows you to quickly identify anyone that needs to self-isolate and makes it easier to protect your staff and clients.

MEDIX Pharmacy was also able to work with a COVID outbreak amongst several large corporate factories to ensure that their production facility was back up and running without much interruption to their day to day operation. 

Why would you recommend booking a private test?

The pharmacy is conveniently located to make booking your test easy with free parking at the front. If you are unable to attend the pharmacy, home delivery of test kits is fast and simple to arrange. MEDIX has partnered with laboratory partners that are the strongest in their field with the aim of getting results back for you the next day. 

If you need to arrange regular testing for your business or have any questions, speak to a member of the team, we’re here to help. We’re dedicated to ensuring businesses and individuals can access the healthcare they need, now more than ever.

Order a home test kit

Call or email MDX Healthcare to order a home test kit or book an appointment. Lines are often busy so here are some additional phone numbers if you are having problems getting through: 

01438 352211
01438 940654
07307 023265
07716 479454


Private COVID-19 Testing in Hertfordshire
Private COVID-19 Testing in Hertfordshire

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Private COVID-19 Testing in Hertfordshire


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