Garnier the JewellersWedding rings for men and women

Bespoke and hand crafted  

Garnier the Jewellers is located in Hoddesdon and sell all types of jewellery and accessories for both men and women. Garnier are particular specialists in engagement rings and wedding rings. All their jewellery is beautifully crafted ad customers come from all around Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas to visit this traditional jewellery shop and to view the charming wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and bespoke jewellery. The company also performs jewellery repairs and, if you hope to cash in on the value of an item, Garner the Jewellers pays cash for gold.

From the owners

Garnier have served Hoddesdon and the surrounding Hertfordshire area with new and second-hand jewellery since 1962. At Garnier the Jewellers, we offer superior customer service and an attention to detail that makes our family-run business unrivalled in the region.


Garnier the jewellers full services include jewellery repairs, watch batteries fitted, watches and watchstrap replacements restringing, engraving and jewellery remodelling, selling new and second-hand jewellery and sales of beautiful wedding and engagement rings.

Wedding and Engagement Rings 

At Garnier the Jewellers they fully understand that engagements and weddings represent two of the most important periods in the lives of customers. They have a changing selection of wedding and engagement rings on display for a wide range of different tastes and preferences.

Cash for Gold

It isn’t unusual for people to fall out of love with certain pieces of jewellery, or to replace them with something more fashionable as the years go by. Instead of leaving these items to gather dust in a cupboard, take them to Garnier the Jewellers and cash in on their value. They pay cash for gold at the most competitive rates in Hertfordshire.

Jewellery Repairs

Your favourite items, worn regularly, eventually wear or become subject to damage. Like all reputable jewellers Garnier undertake jewellery repairs to restore precious pieces to an original condition. 

Wedding rings for men and women

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Wedding rings for men and women


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