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Creating extra space 

Home Counties Loft Ladders are experts in loft access, storage and insulation. Based in Berkhamsted servicing they cover the whole of Hertfordshire and further. They help by transforming your loft by installing loft ladders, hatches, boarding, lighting and insulation. They have transformed hundreds of lofts and have an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Home Counties Loft Ladders are an accredited Which? Trusted Trader and their prices are great value for money. They offer free no obligation quotations on all work. 

Loft Ladders

Home Counties Loft Ladders offer a complete range of loft ladders. They supply and fit telescopic loft ladders, deluxe wooden loft ladders, 2 & 3 section aluminium loft ladders and concertina loft ladders, all of which provide you with safe and easy access to your loft. Home Counties Loft Ladders only use the best quality loft ladders available so you can conveniently access your loft. Safety is a top priority and all loft ladders are always fixed to the loft hatch meaning the ladder will not move or sway. All ladders come with safety instructions. Home Counties Loft Ladders also install electric loft ladders, which will allow you to gain access to your loft at a click of a button. These are excellent for everyone and particularly help elderly customers. Home Counties Loft Ladders also supply commercial loft ladders. 

Loft hatch

If you live in a home which is more than 15 years old, it’s likely that your existing hatch is made out of either ply wood or MDF and not insulated. Home Counties Loft Ladders know that it is also likely that the hatch is the “push up” type, with no hinges making it difficult to open. They recommend installing a neat, insulated, draught proofed energy efficient, swing down hatch. With this a catch that is compatible with the ladder pole making opening and closing easier. All hatches are fully compliant with current UK building regulations.  With a new loft hatch you will greatly improve your loft access and the aesthetic feel. No more painting, just a quick wipe down will keep them looking great. They are energy efficient and you will not feel anymore draughts. In occasional circumstances your existing hatch opening is in the wrong location or just too small. Don’t worry, Home Counties Loft Ladders help with installation, enlargement or relocation of loft hatches.

Loft flooring and boarding  

It might be time for you to stop balancing on a stepladder, clambering over loft joists with a torch in one hand or your mouth. Home Counties Loft Ladders can remove all those risks for you by installing a range of boarding to some or all of your loft space. A particular speciality of theirs, they can convert pretty much any usable loft into a safe strong storage area of any size. Home Counties Loft Ladders use unique techniques that strengthen structure. This means that weight of any items is spread which avoids compression. They only use the highest quality tongue and groove boarding which is professionally installed. Benefits of Boarding your loft include creating extra space, it increases safety, storage is made a lot easier, heating bills are reduced, you will get better sound insulation and it increases the value of your property. 

Loft Insulation

Home Counties Loft Ladders can insulate your loft or roof space in a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss. It is very important to think about insulating your loft space. Proper insulation saves on expensive heating bills. Lots of energy you use to heat your home will be lost through the loft if its not insulated properly. It is estimated that 25% of your heating bills go out through your roof. The Government recommendation is insulation to a depth of 270mm, this is the fluffy stuff you see in most DIY stores and is the most cost-effective solution. The benefits of adequate loft insulation include making your home warmer, reducing your energy bills, you will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and this improves your home energy efficiency rating. 

Loft access, storage and insulation

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Loft access, storage and insulation


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