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Transform your loft

The Loft Boys can transform your dreary loft space clean, safe and fully-insulated storage space that you can use and be proud of. They are the UK's leading loft boarding and ladder experts. The Loft Boys have long been established and their knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through every step of the process from survey to installation.

Transform your loft

Your loft space may not be the most welcoming room in your home but it could well be the largest. Many people do not utilise this extra space because accessing it is hard work or because it seems dusty and gloomy. The Loft Boys transform these spooky, inaccessible lofts into extremely useful storage spaces. You can do this to all different levels and the Loft Boys will discuss all options with you. 

Loft Boarding

The Loft Boards can expertly lay boards over you joists. They will go through important things to consider like the height of the boarding above the insulation, how they are fitted together and airflow underneath them. getting this right will help on different levels. Firstly, it creates extra space. You already know this one, as it’s the most obvious reason for boarding your loft but did you know that it can create upwards of 50% extra usable space. This makes storage a lot easier. Correctly boarding your loft also helps to prevent heat loss and brings your energy bills down. Boarding your loft will increase the value of your home and sometimes the loft space has been so large that customers have rented out their loft space. 

Loft Insulation 

Loft insulation is key to making your home energy-efficient. The Loft Boys will save you further money on your bills while you’re helping save the planet. Whether you just need insulation between the joists or on the underside of the roof. Good insulation increases the value of your home. Properly installed insulation could improve your health. Poorly insulated lofts and those where the flooring is laid in the wrong way can be the cause of dampness and condensation. This can then create mould which, along with dampness, means you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Also, loft insulation reduces the wear and tear on your boiler.

Loft Ladders and Loft Hatches

The Loft Boys know the importance of the right loft ladder. The most important factor is the measuring and what ladder will fit into your loft. Then the customer, there is no point giving an awkward ladder to an elderly person. The Loft Boys will go through all this with you. Hatches may need to be made wider and trapdoors hinged. The most important thing of all is the customers safety. There are Folding Loft Ladders, Sliding Loft Ladders, Telescopic Loft Ladders, Concertina Loft Ladders and Electric Loft Ladders to consider.

Loft Windows

The Loft Boys will show you how to make use of natural light. They only supply and install roof windows made by the market leader Velux.  They produce extremely high-quality windows that offer the best value for customers. They also come with some great features that the Loft Boys will show you. The team have extensive experience fitting these windows. The windows may be Top hung roof windows, Centre pivot roof windows or INTEGRA® electric or solar powered roof windows. They also come in different finishes such as white wood finish, pine wood finish and white polyurethane finish. 

Loft Lighting

Once you’re up in the loft you’ll need to see where you’re going. The Loft Boys work with approved electricians that can run an electrical supply up there to provide various different types of lighting options including fluorescent or LED-based lights. 

Loft insulation and design specialists

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Loft insulation and design specialists


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