The Old Cross TavernTraditional old style pub in town centre

Traditional old style pub in town centre

The Old Cross Tavern describes itself as a “Pubs the Way They Used to Be”. Created out of a former antiques shop front, The Old Cross Tavern opened with a desire to maintain the classic traditions of British pubs. This was to be accomplished by atmosphere and also serving real ales in top condition. They're a town centre free house pub with Hertford’s only microbrewery. There is no piped music, TV or gaming machines, just great ale and good conversation. The heartbeat of this Tavern are the customers and locals making it a friendly, stimulating and welcoming place to socialise and relax. There are two open fireplaces and a courtyard. The Tavern is a multiple winner of CAMRA awards and a regular entrant in the Good Beer Guide since 2000.


It is best to pop in and see what beers the Old Cross Tavern has to offer. The beers come from an amazing wide range of British breweries brewing ales of an exceptional quality and diversity of styles. There are 8 hand pumps with 6-7 in use most of the time. The beers usually change daily with beers of differing tastes, styles and strengths available on any given day. You name it The Old Cross Tavern has served it. Beers that are light, hoppy, bitter, malty, fruity, chocolaty, spicy, gingery, herbal and coffee flavoured with colours across the spectrum (pale, golden, copper, chestnut, amber, brown, ruby and dark).  There is something for everyone to sample from seasonal pints of English bitter, green hopped IPAs, elderflower brews, and dark milds to imperial stouts.

A beer from the Old Cross Tavern’s microbrewery is usually a regular offer. The brews include:  Brewers Gold, Cascade, Elderado, GERTCHA! and many more.  Timothy Taylor’s Brewery award winning ‘Landlord’ beer - classic ale with a golden amber colour (abv 4.3%) is a regular fixture on the bar. There is almost always a dark beer (milds, stouts, porters) on the hand pumps for those who like to sample the dark arts of brewers. Check the ‘Coming Soon’ display of pump clips of beers that are on the premises and in the queue for ‘next up’ on to the stillage and then the hand pumps.  

On offer is also a collection of bottled beers.  These include Belgian, German wheat and non-alcoholic beers.  In the Belgian beer range, the choices cover Trappist, traditional, honey, dark and fruit beers (cherry, mango, strawberry, and raspberry). 

  • Aspall Suffolk Cider (5.5%) on tap
  • Lagers - Bittburger (4.8%) and Becks Vier (4.0%) on tap
  • Wines (red, white, rosé) and Prosecco
  • Malt Whiskies and Spirits
  • Soft Drinks and Juices 
  • Bar Snacks:  Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs, Pickled Eggs, Crisps, Nuts 

The Old Cross Tavern is a no nonsense what you see is what you get pub...and they wouldn't have it any other way. Well worth a beer if you are in town.

Traditional old style pub in town centre

Opening Times

  • Mon 4.30am - 11pm
  • Tue 4.30am - 11pm
  • Wed 4.30am - 11pm
  • Thur 4.30am - 11pm
  • Fri 4am - 12pm
  • Sat 12am - 12pm
  • Sun 12am - 10.30pm
Traditional old style pub in town centre


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