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Clarendon Lodge is in Croxley Green near Rickmansworth. The care home operates on a Not-for-Profit basis and provides high quality Respite Care, Dementia Care and Residential Care in a luxurious setting. Clarendon Lodge is in an extremely attractive setting, surrounded by beautiful countryside. The home has a stylish interior with 40 bedrooms with full en-suite facilities and private access to gardens. Clarendon Lodge has spacious lounges and dining areas, hairdressing salon, central courtyard and landscaped gardens.

Respite Care

Respite Care is a popular way of supporting older people before they need permanent residential care, either following an operation or to give a carer a holiday from their care-related duties. Respite care is a short-term stay, often lasting around one to two weeks. Respite care is often arranged to give a regular carer a break from their duties so they can return to these duties with renewed energy. This is quite common and allows the carer to look after their own health and wellbeing. It can also help when more complex support is needed. For example, following an operation. Apart from a personal support which the resident will be getting in a care home, they will also benefit from the company of other people and activities taking place at the care home. Such a change of scenery can be physically and intellectually stimulating for the resident, enhancing their wellbeing and speeding up their recovery. Respite care break can also prepare a person to better transition to full-time life in a residential care home.

Dementia Care

Clarendon Lodge helps residents retain their independence and lead a happy and dignified life. The fact that some residents might be living with dementia does not change any of that. People living with dementia often need the same sort of assistance as those receiving residential care, but in a slightly different way. They are aided with all of the daily tasks they may struggle with, assisted to make good decisions and stay safe and supported to maintain their sense of self as their condition progresses. Every person is different with their individual history, memories, experiences, feelings, values, likes and dislikes. Clarendon Lodge staff plan care and support around this life history. It is a valuable part of supporting the residents in a holistic way and planning for active lives. The story of anyone’s life is an on-going process. The resident, their family and staff grow together throughout. Relationships strengthen with day-to-day contact, verbal, visual, touch and through reminiscence. The information received is precious in refining the plan of care.

Residential Care

Before a resident moves into Clarendon Lodge he or she can often manage almost everything for themselves. That is why the care home work hard to maintain the residents’ independence when they live at Clarendon Lodge Care Home. The fear of losing independence is the number one reason why people choose not to accept the care they truly need. Clarendon Lodge supports its residents in retaining their independence, to do things for themselves and to make choices about how they want to spend their days.

Clarendon Lodge offers the following: 

Daily Activities

A stimulating programme of daily activities helps residents to stay active and independent.

Friendly Staff

Clarendon Lodge selects its staff for their caring skills, friendly attitude and for their kindness and compassion.

Tasty Meals

Food is at the heart of excellent care. The care home provides delicious, freshly cooked meals every day.

Creative Chefs

The chefs are chosen for their skills and commitment to provide excellent, nutritious food.

Nutrition Experts

The staff are highly trained in providing residents with the optimum and varied diet.

Hydration Experts

Clarendon Lodge offers residents a choice of drinks throughout the day to encourage optimum hydration.

Clarendon Lodge Care Home support older people with a range of different needs. It might be a bit of help with getting up or going to bed, support with washing or dressing or assistance with eating, drinking and taking medication. Otherwise known as elderly frail care, this type of care is for those people that want to retain their independence but need a bit of support to do so. At Clarendon Lodge, the residents will experience a real sense of community. They will enjoy a varied activity programme, meal times are relaxed and sociable and the care team will support the residents to retain a sense of identity and self-worth.

Brand new care home

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Brand new care home

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    Brand new care home


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