Letchworth AquaticsAquatic centre with amazing selection of fish

From pro to beginner

Letchworth Aquatics pride themselves on giving expert, friendly and honest advice. They aim to help everyone from the complete beginner to the serious hobbyist. With so much conflicting advice on the internet nowadays Letchworth Aquatics believe they can help everyone have the aquarium of their dreams.


Letchworth Aquatics deal with all the main wholesalers and manufacturers to bring you everything you need to succeed in this wonderful hobby. They can help with installation and maintenance service, custom made aquariums, R.O water and salt mix and hand picked livestock.

Tropical Fish in stock

Letchworth Aquatics has a large and varied selection of tropical fish at very reasonable prices. These include many species of Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, Livebearers, Rainbows, Sharks, Loaches, Catfish, Gouramis, Anabantoids, Cichlids and Oddballs. 

Marine fish 

There are also a great range of marine fish on offer. Anything from yellow, goldrim, blue and regal Tang to Goby's and Blennys. You will be spoilt for choice. 

Marine Inverts

Letchworth Aquatics has a great number of inverts from crabs, snails, starfish and shrimp to name a few.

See the Letchworth Aquatics website for further information and what's in stock.

Aquatic centre with amazing selection of fish

Opening Times

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Aquatic centre with amazing selection of fish


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