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We all need a holiday and we all have our favourite places to travel to. When it comes to finding new inspiration there are few better than the experienced and friendly Linda Buckingham who works for the award winning company Travel Counsellors. Linda Buckingham worked for high street travel agencies for over 25 years and is very passionate about travel. She has the best technology at her fingertips and can give you the most professional and personal service when it comes to booking any type of holiday anywhere in the world. 

Finding the right holiday for you

After speaking with Linda Buckingham from Travel Counsellors, she will shop around for you to find the most suitable solution for your holiday plans or celebration trip. You may want a couples' holiday, family holiday, cruise or want to explore, whatever it is Linda will find amazing options for you. Linda will go through questions of what you like and don't like and together you will put together everything you want. 

Linda has personal experience

Linda is well travelled and has personal experience of many places. She is a certified Canadian Specialist and premier Aussie Specialist which has to be kept up to date and renewed each year. Linda Buckingham is a Disney International Agent and has attained specialist status for most of the Caribbean Islands and numerous others for destinations and cruise lines. Linda has been to a different country every year of her life and has acquired lots of experience and knowledge and she has cruised several times too with P&O, Cunard and Royal Caribbean. In winter Linda Buckingham has been from Finland to Salt Lake City to Christmas markets in Prague. She has been on European river cruises and had wonderful trips to the Caribbean. Most importantly, with Linda's vast knowledge she can help you first hand and let you have special advice due to her experienced travelling. 

Where to travel

Linda Buckingham and Travel Counsellors cover the whole world and offer different holiday in so many destinations. For example, in Europe, Linda can help you with holidays to Costa Del Sol, Cyprus, France, Gran Canaries, Greece, Italy, London, Lanzarote, Majorca, Malta, Portugal, Tenerife, Turkey, Vienna and Madeira to name a few. For North America, Linda can help you with destinations such as Florida, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, California, Vancouver, New England, Miami, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados, Bahamas, St Lucia. For Africa and the Middle East Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Ras Al Khaimah, Morocco, South Africa and Mauritius. Linda Buckingham is a specialist in Oceania for Australia and New Zealand. Plus, she can help with South America including Colombia and Costa Rica. Or how about Asia? Linda Buckingham has vast knowledge of Cambodia, Hong Kong and Macao, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar Burma, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. These are just some of the main places Travel Counsellors go to. 

Destination Guides

On Linda Buckingham's Travel Counsellors website page there are some fantastic travel guides. To help with for you next getaway or if you want some insider tips to help you fully experience different destinations, then these guides are a great place to start. They are full of exciting and intriguing facts and all are on the Linda Buckingham Travel Counsellors website page. 


If you love cruises then Linda can help. Whether you want a family adventure with enriching shore excursions, or to eat in gourmet restaurants, relax watching concerts under the stars or be maybe be entertained by spectacular stage shows, there’s a perfect cruise for everyone. Linda Buckingham has over 25 years' experience building incredible cruise holidays for many delighted customers. Speak to her and she can help something special just for you.

Your Money's Safe

Every penny of your booking is completely protected by the Travel Counsellor financial protection trust. Unlike other internet sites, everything Linda books for you is 100% financially protected. From a no frills flight to a round the world itinerary, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your money is in safe hands and fully protected.

Honeymoons and Weddings

Linda Buckingham can also help plan your dream wedding and magical honeymoon. You may want a white sandy beach in Mauritius or a road trip across the USA, either way Linda can make your dreams a reality. She has arranged weddings and honeymoons in many countries around the world including the islands of the Caribbean, the USA, Thailand, Australia, Bali, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, the Seychelles, numerous places in the Mediterranean and so many more. 

Multi Award Winning

Travel Counsellors are committed to finding you incredible holidays and have won numerous awards which can be seen on the Travel Counsellors website.  

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