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Quality new and used cars 

Palmers Motor Company is based in Hemel Hempstead, they also have a second branch in Watford. The company has many years of experience selling new and used cars across the county. Palmers Motor Company is a privately owned company that offer a very friendly and helpful service. They sell cars that represent 8 vehicle manufacturers and they are Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Mitsubishi and MG.


The Palmers Motor Company showroom is fully equipped to assist customers at every stage of their vehicle ownership. This is from finding the car that's right for you and purchasing it, through to any maintenance advice you may need. Palmers Motor Company aim to deliver an outstanding customer experience at the retail centre and to support you with their specialist, manufacturer trained staff to ensure you and your car receive the best possible attention at all times. 

Servicing and Repairs

At some point your vehicle will need servicing or perhaps a repair. Palmers Motor Company offers full servicing and MOT work on all cars. The fully qualified and professional technicians will help with all accident repairs and vehicle safety checks.

The Cars for Sale

Palmers Motors offer a wide choice of new and used cars for sale at all budgets. The car centre have everything from cost-effective city cars and the very latest in carbon-neutral electric technology to luxury sports coupes and rugged off roaders. The growing success at Palmers is built upon the values and customer service and the wide range of vehicles on offer. 

Business Cars

Palmers Motors realise how important it is for businesses to have the right vehicles. They understand and cater for businesses of all sizes at prices that are affordable for the company. Palmers will do everything to help keep you and your company moving at all times. 


Palmers Motor Company offers full finance for all its vehicles. If you are not sure which option may be right for you then the branch will go through all the options. Palmers offer Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) which is a finance product that allows you the opportunity to buy a new or a used car. It is similar to a Hire Purchase agreement as you will usually pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly instalments over a term typically between 18 to 48 months. PCP is different to Hire Purchase (HP) because the monthly instalments are paying off the depreciation of the car, and not its entire value, over the course of the term. Then, when you get to the end of your agreement, there is a final, balloon payment that must be made if you want to keep the car. The balloon payment is often referred to also as the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

Sell your Car 

Palmers Motor Company can guide you through this simple process. You can enter all your car details online and Palmers will offer you an estimated price for your vehicle. However, your valuation can change depending on the condition of your car when you take it to the showroom. When you take your vehicle to the premises of the Palmers car buying service, your car will be inspected before the final price is agreed.

New and used car sales

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New and used car sales


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