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Saint John of God Hospitaller Services believe that every person has the right to be supported in a way that does not degrade their dignity.
The organisation is part of an international family of 500,000 co-workers, working in 500 centres of care in 50 countries. They impact on over 7 million lives every year. They don’t have one standard approach but creatively provide help and support to people in the way they want and to meet people’s needs, wishes and aspirations. St John of God are in Hertfordshire and every day they say ‘come in, you are very welcome’ and every day we are inspired by the strength, humanity and hospitality of the people that they work alongside.

Supported Living Services

They support people to live how and where they choose, and with the right care and support. SJOG provide personal support to help you with things like getting dressed, cooking a meal and getting out and about in your community. This is from as little as a few hours a week to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They have been supporting people for a very long time and know what good care looks like. They are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Residential Care

SJOG provide residential care homes shaped to meet the needs of the people living in them. This is both in physical adaptions and in the care and support that is offered. If you need something then SJOG can provide specialist equipment and technology to help you to be as independent as possible. The support is built around what you need, and they support everyone to have active and engaged life. It's not just getting out and about, eating and in taking medication but also in doing household chores, choosing staff and deciding how you want your room to be decorated and organised. They provide the right level of care and support to meet your needs, helping you to build new skills and keep you safe.

Religious Management Services and Consultancy

SJOG works in partnership with other religious orders and congregations to support them in the care of their elderly members and management of their care homes. The service, which is provided on a consultancy basis or as a fully managed option, was founded to respond to the issues facing many orders today. This was particularly in relation to the implications of new care standards legislation. This work is underpinned by our commitment to work with each individual order or congregation to maintain the founding ethos of that particular religious organisation.

Housing Management Service

For some people Hospitaller Services can be your landlord. A housing management service is provided to ensure your home is comfortable and somewhere you can feel safe and secure. Plus, enabling you to sustain your tenancy and live independently with support. The aim to do this by providing a service to collect and monitor rent payments and liaise with benefit agencies on your behalf. There is also a handyman service to ensure repairs and maintenance are responded to quickly. Regular safety checks are carried out and planned improvements are implemented. A tenancy agreement is available in both written and easy read versions and is given to all our tenants. 

Community Support and Services

Saint John of God have community based projects that give people the chance to have fun, learn and grow. Digswell Community and Gardening Project is a unique space in Hertfordshire that provides people with opportunities in both garden related activities and social activities in the community. This is a real working nursery and there are a host of areas to gain work experience in horticulture, retail and maintenance. In Hertfordshire, community activities, formerly known as LEOS (Leisure, Education & Occupational Services) Outreach, enable people to access their local community to develop their interests and skills. This is through leisure and learning opportunities. 

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